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Same problem here as with water-based lubes however for larger toys, but adding crisco to the mix seems to help. It is basically a polymer based on sugar and polyethers, and is fairly inert. Being sugar based it will breed bacteria so only make what you will use in a few days.

Crisco and Anal Fisting - The Crisco Guide for Fisting

Yes, using Crisco as a lubricant is safe. However, keep in mind the following. As an oil-based product, Crisco should be avoided with condoms and latex gloves. The oil in Crisco can reduce the lifespan of condoms and gloves during actin. The materials of some sex toys and dildos are also not compatible with Crisco.

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The Crisco Ass Fisting Lube is thick and hard in the jar, but it melts with body temperature and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. This thick, full-bodied and completely plant-based preparation turns into a really slippery oil when exposed to heat. The long-term Crisco preparation is suitable for anal sex.

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Silicone lubes will damage silicone and cyberskin toys, so cap dildos made from those materials with condoms if you want to use silicone lubes with them. If you can't decide which you'd prefer, or want to try a few different types of lube, check out our Lube Sampler Pack .

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Dreaus. From some of the info i have read, Crisco can be used for masturbation by males only. the reason it should only be used with males is that Crisco is very bad if it gets near the lady bits. It has something to do with UTI's. But it is a very good (and cheap) lube for anal masterbation if say... playing in the tub or shower (males only).

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Crisco is still popular in the hardcore fisting scene, some edgier sex shops will have a stack of Crisco in the back. I generally avoid it, especially since it's not latex-compatible. Vaseline doesn't make a very good lube, it's too thick and not that slippery.

Is Your Dildo Safe? The Best & Worst Sex Toy Materials

Jellies contain phthalates. Rubber: This latex material is commonly used to make dildos. It has a pungent odor and can cause allergic reactions. If you buy a rubber sex toy, be sure to use it with a condom because it is porous. PVC and vinyl: These are both cheap materials that contain phthalates.

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It's hard to imagine but just a few short decades ago, almost everything was cooked in lard. In fact, before it too disappeared from minds and kitchen cabine...

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Ok guys, we don't talk much on here about sex toys, but I for one am a fan. But then I had a weird experience. I stored two dildos together for a few months in the same bag. One was an Oxballs silicone dildo (I paid $130 for this gem), the other was a Fort Troff Sticky Bomb 6.5, made of PVC according to their web site (I paid $40 for this