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Crusty ring around foreskin | Answers from Doctors | HealthTap

"hi i have a white kind of crusty ring around my foreskin it had been there for about 2 years maybe any ideas thanks!" Answered by Dr. Gregory Hines: Be seen: You need to see your regular doctor or a urologist.

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have a ring band around my penis foreskin and when i have an erection i can not pull my foreskin back with out causing tears on my foreskin is there any solutio This topic is answered by a medical expert.

Theres a red ring around my foreskin | Answers from Doctors ...

Theres a red ring around my foreskin A 28-year-old female asked: 3 year olds foreskin is red and puffy, what could it be? my 3 year olds penis has been red and swollen on the foreskin for about 24 hours now. he is circumsized. it looks like a puffy ring just behind the head of his penis. its smooth and the bottom of it

Suggest remedy for white ring around the foreskin of penis

You need to get it examined by an Urologist, for a close-up examination. The photographs show, a circular pale white ring circumferentially, over the foreskin. If this doesn't affect the retraction of foreskin, or itching,you don't need to worry much.

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I have had a slightly reddish ring around the tip of my penis, around the foreskin, not the head of the penis itself. the redness becomes more intense after sex or masturbation and can return to normal if i obstain from any activity for a few days.

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Red ring along with red spots can be due to the inflammation caused by infections. Another possibility is eczematous reaction to the cloth material, condoms or personal hygiene products. The next possible cause may be due to a condition called plasma cell balanitis. This is usually due to the abnormal immune response by the body.

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This may be a case of balanitis. However, you have noted of a white discoloration as well as tightening of the foreskin in the area. This may be case of balanitis obliterans. I suggest that you have this assessed by a physician early on.

Dark ring around foreskin : Phimosis

That's called the ridged band and is in fact the part that needs stretching. It's the part that keeps your foreskin closed when flaccid. It also forms as the boundary between the interior and exterior tissues of the foreskin. There's probably anatomical variation in how dark or thick this band is; so not everyone is going to look the same.

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A glans ring is worn around the penis just beneath the glans penis. Usually the glans ring can be worn most of the time, for example, under the clothing in everyday life and during sex. The ring is not visible through clothing and it is relatively unnoticeable through the foreskin.

Balanitis: Infection of the Penis Tip and Foreskin

Bleeding around your foreskin; Trouble pulling back your foreskin (Remember that it’s normal for young children to have a tight foreskin.) Skin folds can trap dead cells, discharge, and oils.