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Polyurethane condoms. These are made of thin plastic instead of rubber. They offer similar levels of pregnancy and STD protection. However, they don’t fit as tightly as latex condoms.

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The present review suggests that the non-latex condoms in general do not perform as well as the latex condoms. In general, the non-latex condoms were more likely to break during intercourse or withdrawal than were latex condoms. The odds for breakage or slippage were about double compared with those for latex condoms.

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Is a non latex condom protectable against STDs? Answer: Yep, when it comes to preventing pregnancy and STDs , a piece of non-latex condom plays an equal role just like the other available condoms. But to prevent STDs, you should avoid getting your hands on the one made of lambskin as it only can stop unwanted pregnancy.

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SKYN has a ton of latex-free options too—there are ultra-thin condoms (20 percent thinner than regular condoms), condoms with extra lube, extra-studded condoms, and bigger sizes as well.

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Lambskin condoms: These condoms are crafted from the pouch found in lamb intestines. It's crucial to note that while lambskin condoms are effective at preventing pregnancy, they don't provide equal protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Polyurethane condoms: This non-latex option is available in most drug stores. This synthetic material allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to extra lube — it's compatible with oil-, silicone-, and water-based lubricants as well ...

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Non Latex condoms have come a long way over the years and while they may be a bit more expensive, they are still a better option for preventing pregnancy and disease than to use no condom at all. If you have never tried using a latex free condom, it might be a fun experience for you and your partner.

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SKYN condoms are rigorously tested and meet all safety standards. The effectiveness of non-latex SKYN condoms is the same as latex condoms. This means that SKYN condoms have a 86%-97% protection rate (the protection rate depends on typical, inconsistent use or perfect, consistent use).  

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Polyurethane condoms tend to have a looser fit than latex condoms, so they’re a great option for people who feel constricted by traditional condoms.