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How Long Did It Take for Your Toy to Ship? : BadDragon

Just had a custom order of 2 dildos and 1 masturbator shipped after 17 day. 1 was Echo 4th kind and then 2 surprise me. ... couple of days of January, 5 weeks to ship ...

How long does it take for an order to ship? : BadDragon

How busy they are is a key factor in how fast they are at making custom toys. I ordered a simple two-color fade Ika during the 20% off sale and it took 24 days to start shipping. I sent in a ticket to make a highly customized Xerxes only 15 days ago and it's already out for shipping today.

how long does order processing normally take? : BadDragon

Manufacture of the toy takes anywhere from a few days to many weeks in my experience. It all depends on how busy they are. After it's made, however, it takes a day to ship. Unfortunately, without talking to support, you won't really know how close to shipping they are. Even support may not be able to help.

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Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc. is an American manufacturer of fantasy-themed sex toys, primarily targeted at members of the furry fandom. Products are sold online and at conventions. The company also owns imageboard e621 (and its safe for work database mirror e926) and the role-playing website F-List, both of which also cater to the furry fandom.

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I will not be buying any more Bad Dragon toys, and here is ...

I do not support these sort of business practices, and I am sad to say I will not be supporting BD anymore. There is other, better competition out there now. It might seem silly to complain about a dragon dildo company, but BD is acting deceptive and I want people to be informed as consumers.

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Small single item orders tend to take about 2 months, multiple items (especially if any are custom) would definitely take them a long time, they only ship orders once all the items are ready to go. Also they're still backed up from their black friday sale and have been really slow answering anyone.

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Well, might as well get the dildos out of the way now. The thing is, every kind of sex has disadvantages, where you can't reach certain things or perform certain actions, or one partner gets left out of the pleasure. This product seems to perfectly combine all of those downsides into one device.