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High-quality, cold-pressed oil made from coconut is also compatible with silicone-based sex toys like butt-plugs, dildos, and vibrators. However, if you plan to use latex condoms and dental dams or latex-based sex toys, this coconut oil lubricant recipe is not for you. Oils tend to weaken latex material, making condoms susceptible to breakage.

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We like experimenting together, discovering new sex toys, and inventing our own.. Of course, we know lots of safe lube alternatives. Here’s our favorite recipe: mix a glass of water and 4 tsp cornstarch in a saucepan; slowly bring the mixture to boil; when it boils, stir the liquid for about 30 sec.; let it cool before use.

Homemade Lube: How to make your own lube at home for sex

Lubricant, also known as a lube is a common substance used to reduce friction. That way, sex acts are gaining smooth action and more comfort. Nevertheless, lube can make all kind of sex more interesting, and feel much better- with a partner, with toys, etc.

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Some household items that are safe for homemade lube include: Coconut/olive/avocado oil. Again–do not use this if you use condoms. However, if using condoms isn’t a problem, coconut oil is one of your best bets to reach for when you need homemade lube. It smells good, works well, and can even help prevent yeast infections.

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The 27 homemade sex toys below all expert-approved—so you know they're both fun and safe to use. Plus, chances are that you have at least a dozen of them at home right now.

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Instructables' user flashmonkey created a easy guide for DIY lubricant. Make sure to add enough water to the starch mix. If you add too little water, the mix could become more glue like than lube like, which would suck (no pun intended). The mix should be mostly clear and a little cloudy when you bring it to a boil.

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It’s also water-based, so it’s compatible with latex condoms and toys. Überlube Luxury Lubricant. ... If baby oil comes in contact with a condom or a sex toy, it can degrade the material.