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The eggs can sometimes be bought with the dildo and other times, you would have to purchase the alien eggs alone. Though there is more to this, let’s check out the other types first. Probe Alien Dildos: A probe dildo is usually long with a tapered top.

Splorch - Primal Hardwere

Introducing the Splorch, an ovipositor designed for all those xenomorph fans out there who like the idea of alien eggs and impregnation. Made of soft platinum silicone, the Splorch is stretchy enough to handle chicken egg-sized gelatin eggs. As with the other ovipositors, the Splorch does not come with eggs.

Ovipositors - Splorge - Dildo that Ejects Alien Eggs

The company also makes tentacle sex toys and even a cactus dildo! The video caption states: The eggs used in this video are made from plain gelatin (NOT JELLO!!!) and lubed with J-lube. We used 2oz gelatin in 1 1/2 cups of water to make six eggs. Sprinkle the gelatin into the cold water and let sit for 10-20 minutes.

Oviposition: Egg Laying Dildos - What Are They? How To Use ...

Ovipositors: Egg-Laying Dildos. These egg scatterers look like giant phalluses a xenomorph would have. They are made out of synthetic materials and have holes on both sides. These holes are used for loading the foreign penis object with eggs and for unloading them inside the human’s cavity of choice. Of course, the eggs are inserted one by one.

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The Alien Dildo That Can Lay Gelatin Alien Eggs Inside of Yo

The Ovipositor is a hollow dildo that can be filled with gelatin eggs, and then inserted into the vagina or other bodily cavities. A lineup of Ovipositors. Image: Primal Hardwere. A man who goes by the his last name, LoneWolf, is credited with creating the Ovipositor, and sells them via his online sex shop Primal Hardwere, which also sells ...

10 Fun Alien Dildos: Xenomorph Sex Toys & Ovipositors

Beware that its girth goes way up with the eggs inside. The dildo itself is large and floppy. It can’t stand on its own, but you can ride it once you get it inside. But let’s be honest here – we are here for the egg-laying fun! After your impregnation session and cleaning, inside can be tricky to dry.

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Ovipositors - Primal Hardwere

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