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A message from the Klok : Metalocalypse

165 votes, 17 comments. 13.4k members in the Metalocalypse community. Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity! ... I ams nots dildos, yous ams dildos. 17 ...

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💤 S L E E P Y 💤 — SAILOR SKWISGAAR “You guys ams dildos“

SAILOR SKWISGAAR [[MORE]]“You guys ams dildos“ Compared to Disney’s semi-realistic approach, Sony Animation’s entire personality as a company is their snappy, cartoon-like animation; their rigs are complex and advanced, made with exaggerated deformations in mind.

Whys You Gots to Copys Me? | Metalocalypse | Adult Swim - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AdultSwimSubscribeWatch Metalocalypse: http://bit.ly/1nuQV05About Metalocalypse:Metalocalypse is Adult Swim's blackest, most brutal ...

Because The Night, a metalocalypse fanfic | FanFiction

"This ams dildos. Where is Nathans and Toki?" "Inschensitive bastards left us here." "Ye, I know, it's like, I jest wanna go-- the FUCK?" Pickles was removed from his position in the Murdercycle to being in Toki's arms, possibly crushed by the tightness of the hug. The drummer gasped and begged for air - "Git affa me, you're squeezin' my ...

r/Metalocalypse - my 2 guy friends don't like me anymore ...

my 2 guy friends don't like me anymore because i like metalocalypse. idk why they don't like me all of a sudden. I just showed them some metalocalypse clips and now they think i'm weird. Your friends ams dildos. We’s must pity thems tokis they’s don’t haves superiors Scandinavians ekocations.

Walk home clown! : Metalocalypse - reddit

Other than "_____ ams dildos" and "I do cocaine," this is the line I quote most often from Metalocalypse. My favorite episode, too.

Hatebreed ams not metals, they ams dildos - Skwisgaar | Meme ...

Hatebreed ams not metals, they ams dildos - Skwisgaar

r/Metalocalypse - Can't help thinking "Mr Pickles" is AS's ...

Metalocalypse used brutality like a background paint to contrast the message/humor, not as an end in and of itself. ... This show ams dildos. 20. share. Report Save.

This idea is dildos - YouTube

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Why was the show cancelled? : Metalocalypse

The cause of all this was unfortunately (indirectly) the fault of one of my favorite shows. Or rather, its PR stuff. The dipshits went around putting black boxes with LEDs on them (and this was in the 2000s when everyone was at the height of caution). The Police thought it was a possible terrorist attack.