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anal papilla | Mosquito Taxonomic Inventory

Larvae - anal papilla. ... Pl. anal papillae. ... anal appendage, anal finger, anal flap, anal gill, anal lobe, anal plate, anal process, anal tracheal gill, anal tubercle, blood gill, caudal fin, gill, gill flap, ...

The transcriptome of anal papillae of Aedes aegypti reveals their ...

The anal papillae of mosquito larvae are osmoregulatory organs in direct contact with the external aquatic environment that actively sequester ions and take up water in dilute freshwater

Major duodenal papilla - Wikipedia

Major duodenal papilla. Interior of the descending portion of the duodenum, showing bile papilla.

Pathology Outlines - Hypertrophied papillae

Hypertrophied papillae are benign acquired polypoid projections of anal squamous epithelium and subepithelial connective tissue at the base of anal columns

Size of anal papillae in chironomids: Does it indicate their salinity ...

Osmoregulation in larval Chironomidae (Diptera) takes place in the anal papillae and their size is believed to be associated with osmoregulatory stress.

Aedes aegypti Rhesus glycoproteins contribute to ammonia excretion ...

Rhesus glycoproteins contribute to ammonia excretion by larval anal papillae.

Anal Hemorrhoid - tag removal Dr Rosenfeld CBS Doctors - YouTube

Rosenfeld shows how to remove an anal papillae (dangleberry ) on national television in this episode of The Doctors.

Pharmacological characterisation of apical Na+ and Cl– transport ...

Pharmacological characterisation of apical Na + and Cl – transport mechanisms of the anal papillae in the larval mosquito.

A study of anal papillae | SpringerLink

The findings of this study coupled with the consideration of clinical observations impel one to consider that anal papillae are ...

Stromal atypia in anal papillae | SpringerLink

This report describes the occurrence of stromal atypia in anal papillae.